Irish actor Colin Farrell broke up with his girlfriend Kelly McNamara

"Colin's schedule took a toll on his relationship with Kelly"

by Sead Dedovic
Irish actor Colin Farrell broke up with his girlfriend Kelly McNamara

The actor Colin Farrell is one of the most famous actors in the world today, and he draws attention to himself on a daily basis. According to rumor, Irish actor Colin Farrell is rumored to have broken up with his long-term girlfriend Kelly McNamara.

In spite of the fact that neither party has spoken out about their alleged breakup, there are reports that the actor's busy work schedule was keeping them apart, according to The Sun. As far as the Hollywood industry is concerned, this has always been one of the biggest problems.

"Colin is currently in the public eye thanks to his role in 'Island Ghosts' He spent months working on that project, as well as the last Batman blockbuster, where he played the Penguin. Colin's schedule took a toll on his relationship with Kelly and they decided to 'quietly' split," the anonymous source said.

The paparazzi first caught Farrell with Kelly in 2016, and the pair rarely appeared together at public events together after that. In addition to the fact that the couple hasn't been seen together for a very long time, MacNamara, who works as an assistant to U2's guitarist The Edge, is also very busy with her job.

Many people believed that there was no longer a romantic relationship between the couple due to this fact. That seems to be true.

Farrell's statement

“My girlfriend also works a lot and travels a lot for work, so we're often like two ships passing each other in the night.

But we'll make sure we find a port where we can, you know, meet," Colin told The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As part of that same occasion, the actor expressed his admiration for his ravishing partner in a very loving manner. It is very likely that we will find out soon whether or not this couple is still together, but according to everything that has been said, their story has come to an end.

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