Ben Affleck surprised many by speaking Spanish

Many people laughed because Affleck didn't know the Spanish word for the word character

by Sead Dedovic
Ben Affleck surprised many by speaking Spanish

Ben Affleck is regarded as one of the world's most famous actors, and as someone who has left (still leaves) a great mark on the movie industry. Ben Affleck also attracted the attention of many during this time as he impressed many by speaking Spanish during the promotion of his film, which attracted many peoples' attention.

In a guest appearance on one of the shows, actor Ben Affleck discussed interesting things related to the film "AIR", which is attracting a lot of attention since it was released . During a discussion about the movie, Affleck also talked about the legend of Michael Jordan and the fact that he doesn't appear in the film at all.

Considering the fact that Jordan is the main subject of the film, and the film is about him and the partnership he has with Nike, one might find this odd. The fact that Ben Affleck was able to speak Spanish surprised everyone.

Many people laughed because Affleck didn't know the Spanish word for the word character. Not long after that, however, Affleck remembered and started to receive compliments from everyone because of it.


As a result of this interview, he received a large number of positive comments.

There were many people who were surprised, and some people wrote to him via social mediathat he speaks Spanish better than his wife Jennifer Lopez, whose origin is Puerto Rico in central America, where Spanish is one of her native languages.

It was during a guest appearance on Kelly Clarkson's show in 2020 that he revealed that he speaks passive Spanish, stating in the interview that he was 13 years old when he learned the language after spending a year in Mexico filming a TV series for a year.

The 50-year-old actor explained that his eldest daughter Violet, who he had with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, was always interested in learning the Spanish language so he often helped her with her studies since she is an enthusiastic learner.

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