Super Mario Bros movie breaks records!

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Super Mario Bros movie breaks records!
Super Mario Bros movie breaks records!

Super Mario Bros. It is safe to say that this movie caused many reactions, and many people are wondering whether or not we will be able to see a sequel to this movie in the near future. As a result of this film breaking all records, it is believed that going forward we will be able to expect a sequel in the near future due to this very reason.

According to Nintendo's creative director Shigeru Miyamoto, in a recent statement to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the company is aware of the power they are able to unleash on their audiences. “Nintendo is like a talent agency - there are plenty of other entertainers to choose from.

"-Miyamoto said, "I think there are a lot of directions we can go in, whether we use well-known characters or those that would fit the movies." It has been rumored that the Legend of Zelda and Luigi's Mansion series are among the most popular contenders for film adaptations among Nintendo fans.

Nintendo, some say, could create a movie universe based on the Marvel comics series that would culminate into a movie that would be based on Super Smash Bros. As a short introduction to those who are less familiar with the game, Super Smah Bros.

is an action fighting game which features characters from almost all the Nintendo franchises as well as guests from other series such as Minecraft, Street Fighter, Metal Gear, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

Super Mario Bros (1993): This movie has no impact

Miyamoto also talked about the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie.

"I don’t think there’s any impact or influence that the old movie had. I think the people who made the movie had put a lot of work into it, but I think the difference is that the movie that was made 30 years ago, we licensed the Mario IP and they made the movie,” Miyamoto said to Game Informer.