John Cena: "With the cast of Fast X I feel like I'm in the WWE locker room"

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John Cena: "With the cast of Fast X I feel like I'm in the WWE locker room"
John Cena: "With the cast of Fast X I feel like I'm in the WWE locker room"

John Cena is one of the best-known pro-wrestling figures of all time. During his career in the WWE rings, John has held various world titles, touring far and wide throughout the world, as a spokesperson and face of the McMahon company.

In recent years, however, John has wanted to devote himself to the world of cinema, disappearing from the McMahon rings and increasingly entering the world of Hollywood, in which he has now made his roots, becoming a main character both in the DC Universe, as Peacemaker, who as the main character in the Fast & Furious series.

Precisely on the occasion of one of the interviews to publicize Fast X, the latest chapter in the saga, John Cena so wanted to talk about the similarities between the cast of Fast X and the WWE locker room when he started working with the McMahons, telling the microphones by Busted Open Radio: "The parallels between Fast's Family and the WWE locker room are disturbing.

I think that's because the original cast has been doing this for twenty years now. They don't want new people coming into the cast and essentially deny their hard work, so everyone pushes each other on and it really feels like one big family.

There were several conversations and cocktails that encouraged us which I truly loved. It's a great place to work and reminds me of my early days in WWE."

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Also in his interview with Busted Open Radio, the 16-time WWE world champion spoke of his passing the baton to another wrestler: "I think Roman is the greatest wrestler of all time.

Rumor had it that I passed the baton to Roman a few years ago. For me he is the best of all time. He still has an incredible reign. I tried to help him become one of the best in the past while I was in WWE but it didn't happen during that time.

Eventually he managed to achieve that goal on his own terms. I'm glad Roman got what he wanted in his way and with his personality. He also managed to bring eight other people with him to the top of WWE. He has allowed all of the Bloodline to rise to the max. Roman's main ability is to be so good that he spreads his energy to other talents."

John Cena

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