Netflix's Wednesday Show to Returns with a Twist

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Netflix's Wednesday Show to Returns with a Twist
Netflix's Wednesday Show to Returns with a Twist

As the curtains rise for the second act, Netflix pulls back the veil to reveal some intriguing insights into the upcoming season of its popular series, "Wednesday". In an industry-first move, the network has handed the reins to one of its star performers, hinting at a fresh direction for this new season.

A Seasoned Performer Turns Producer

Jenna Ortega, the vivacious actor behind the beloved character, Wednesday, has been deeply invested in the show's development. This year, she stepped up to the challenge of becoming more "hands-on" with the series.

"We had already been throwing out so many ideas, and I'm somebody who's very hands-on. I want to know what's going on," Ortega shared. "With a character like Wednesday, who is so beloved and such a legend, I just really didn't want to get her wrong." Collaborating closely with the creative team, Ortega aimed to shape a narrative that did justice to Wednesday's iconic status.

She said, "On set, with the writers and Tim [Burton], we all would get together and decide, 'Okay, what works and what doesn't?' It was naturally already very collaborative."

A Bold New Direction

With Ortega's more involved role, fans can anticipate a subtly different, but thrilling evolution of the show.

Ortega explained her vision during a conversation with Elle Fanning for Variety. "We've decided we want to lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more," she divulged. "Because it is so lighthearted, and a show like this with vampires and werewolves and superpowers, you don't want to take yourself too seriously." A significant shift, however, comes in the form of Wednesday's love life—or rather, the lack thereof.

Ortega explained, "We're ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday, which is really great." This departure from typical TV tropes is a welcome change, potentially freeing up more narrative space for the exploration of Wednesday's individuality and her adventures in this paranormal universe.

Netflix embarks on its journey of producing the second batch of episodes and viewers eagerly await the thrilling turn that the beloved "Wednesday" series is poised to take.


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