Netflix's AI Job Posting Ignites Hollywood Uproar

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Netflix's AI Job Posting Ignites Hollywood Uproar
Netflix's AI Job Posting Ignites Hollywood Uproar

In an era increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence, Netflix's latest job posting for an AI expert has sparked significant controversy. The advert, aiming to recruit a new member for the streaming giant's Machine Learning Platform team, has been met with fury from Hollywood actors and writers currently on strike.

High Salary Stokes the Flame

The outrage has been further stoked by the hefty salary tied to the position — a potential $900,000 (£700,000) annually. As the Hollywood community campaigns for fairer pay and better working conditions, this substantial sum has become another point of contention, exacerbating the already fraught situation.

The Machine Learning Platform team at Netflix is responsible for driving the algorithm that assists viewers in selecting new shows. It remains unclear, however, whether the new AI role will also influence content decisions — specifically, what TV programmes and films Netflix chooses to invest in.

A striking Hollywood professional lamented, "Algorithms dictate how many episodes a season needs to be before you reach a plateau of new subscribers and how many seasons a series needs to be on. That reduces the amount of episodes per season to between six and 10, and it reduces the amount of seasons to three or four.

You can't live on that."

Struggle for Survival

The individual went on to claim that the entertainment industry professionals are being "systematically squeezed out" of their livelihood by this business model. It was "foisted upon us", creating a myriad of problems for everyone involved in the industry, from newcomers to veterans.

Despite the criticism, Netflix has not provided a comment regarding the job listings. It previously declared, however, that AI is not intended to replace the creative process. "The best stories are original, insightful and often come from people's own experiences," a statement from the company read.

The recent outcry from Hollywood is a prime example of the friction that can occur during these transitions. Only time will reveal how companies like Netflix negotiate this challenging landscape while striving to uphold the integrity of creativity.


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