Adam Driver Holds Back Tears at "Ferrari" Premiere After Prolonged Ovations

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Adam Driver Holds Back Tears at "Ferrari" Premiere After Prolonged Ovations
Adam Driver Holds Back Tears at "Ferrari" Premiere After Prolonged Ovations © Getty Images Entertainment/Andreas Rentz

It was an evening to remember at the Venice Film Festival when Adam Driver and director Michael Mann stood together to soak in a prolonged standing ovation for their new film, "Ferrari." A visibly moved Driver had to hold back tears as the applause stretched on for an impressive six minutes.

A Standing Ovation for a Racing Legend

Driver, 39, portrayed the iconic Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix racing team, in Mann's biographical epic. The tale brings to life the achievements of Ferrari, a man whose vision redefined not only the concept of Italian sports cars but also played a crucial role in shaping the Formula One sport.

The cast also boasts stellar performances from Hugh Jackman, Penelope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey, and Shailene Woodley. The movie draws its inspiration from Brock Yates' biography, "Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine," and is set against the backdrop of 1975, narrating the riveting journey of the automobile titan.

Defending SAG-AFTRA Waivers

On the same day as the premiere, Driver garnered attention for another reason.

At the film's press conference, he fervently championed the SAG-AFTRA waivers that facilitated his festival appearance and film promotion. “Why is it that a smaller distribution company like Neon and STX International can meet the dream demands of what SAG is asking for...

but a big company like Netflix and Amazon can’t?” he questioned. Driver's comment underscored the inherent value of mutual respect and support in collaborations, making a pointed observation about larger distribution companies' unwillingness to do the same.

The film's reception, combined with Driver's public stance on industry practices, amplifies the significance of supporting and valuing creative forces in cinema. It's not just about the magic on screen but also the integrity and relationships behind it.

"Ferrari" promises to be an unmissable cinematic experience, reflecting not only on the life of an automotive legend but also on the dedication of those who bring such stories to the silver screen.