Hip-Hop Legend Method Man Eyes Time-Traveling Mutant Role in Marvel Universe

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Hip-Hop Legend Method Man Eyes Time-Traveling Mutant Role in Marvel Universe
Hip-Hop Legend Method Man Eyes Time-Traveling Mutant Role in Marvel Universe © Getty Images Entertainment/Theo Wargo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has always had a knack for drawing big names and transforming them into even bigger superheroes. As mutants prepare to make their official entrance into the MCU, there's another well-known name ready to throw his hat into the superhero ring: Method Man.

The iconic rapper, now a versatile actor, has been eyeing the role of the time-traveling mutant, Bishop, and it seems he’s done more than just daydream about it.

A Rapper’s Dream Role

Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, hasn’t been coy about his aspirations.

He recently discussed how much he'd love to step into the shoes of Bishop, a character previously brought to life by actor Omar Sy, albeit in a pre-MCU movie. Smith elaborated in a Cassius interview, "Those guys at the MCU, they know their stuff.

Omar Sy did an excellent job as Bishop before MCU took over. If they chose him again, I think he'd excel. But, given a chance, I'd seize the opportunity. After all, I've thoroughly prepped for it."

Not Just a Fan, but a Collector

If Method Man's dedication to the craft is in question, consider this: he owns a staggering collection of over 30,000 comic books.

His passion for the Marvel universe doesn't end with mere collecting. The rapper has gone as far as cosplaying Bishop during the pandemic's pinnacle, showcasing his dedication and enthusiasm. His connection with Marvel doesn’t stop at mere fandom either.

Method Man has even graced the pages of Marvel Comics, appearing side by side with characters like Ghost Rider. Reflecting on this unique opportunity, Smith said, "It's surreal. While most might feel that winning a Grammy is the ultimate accolade, for me, being Method Man in the Marvel Universe, portraying my authentic self—that's unparalleled." His unwavering enthusiasm is palpable.

He even received a check from Marvel, which he has no intention of cashing. Instead, he plans to frame it, cherishing his tangible connection with the brand. As the MCU continues to expand, introducing a new cast of characters and possibilities, Method Man's hopes and dreams symbolize the profound influence these stories have on both celebrities and fans alike.

Whether or not Smith lands the coveted role of Bishop, one thing's for sure: his genuine love for the Marvel Universe will remain unshaken.