Schwarzenegger admits that it makes him sad to look at his body in the mirror

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a very interesting speech

by Sededin Dedovic
Schwarzenegger admits that it makes him sad to look at his body in the mirror
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We've all seen Terminator, Predator and so on, surely one of the most popular movies of the nineties. Perhaps the main actor Arnold Schwarzenegger contributed the most to that popularity. This native Austrian became known as a professional bodybuilder, and his popularity was also contributed to by roles in popular action films.

Most of his films are hits that are still watched today and that we know by heart. Now, at the age of 76, Schwarzenegger looks completely different than when he appeared in films such as Terminator, age has taken its toll and the popular actor did not hide that he is sorry because he no longer looks like he used to.

On Howard Stern's show, Schwarzenegger talked to him about aging, his relationship with age, training, and Stern noticed that Schwarzenegger's face was "sad" when he talked about looking at his reflection in the mirror. "Every day I look in the mirror and I'm like, 'Yeah, you're bad.

Look at this body. Look at those chest muscles that used to be firm and perky and kind of really strong and now they're just hanging. I mean, what the hell is going on here? " Schwarzenegger said.

In addition to a successful acting career, Arnold Schwarzenegger had perhaps an even more successful sports career

Schwarzenegger does not hide that he is sad about it, and he also touched on the people who have never been Mr.

Olympia, "it's one thing to see yourself getting old and out of shape, but most people have never been in shape. So what does it mean to get out of shape? They always looked at bad body. So it gets horrible as time goes by," he said visibly excited This really great athlete with great results in sports as well the famous actor claims that when you've been praised for years for having a perfect body, it's even harder to adapt.

He is used to women's looks and sighs, but he says that men are the ones who admire a developed male body. He explains that men, all men in the depths of their souls sometimes want to achieve with their bodies what he has achieved.

"You have definition and you see the veins going down your abs and you see the veins at the top of your chest, you see all these things and then you turn the clock back 50 years and you don't see that anymore," he added.

Arnold Schwarzenegger