Christoph Waltz joined Del Toro to make the film about the Frankenstein monster

The movie Frankestein was announced and now Waltz is joining

by Sededin Dedovic
Christoph Waltz joined Del Toro to make the film about the Frankenstein monster
© Leon Bennett / Getty Images

It seems that the combination of Christoph Waltz and Guillermo del Toro is right and after the movie Pinocchio, Christoph Waltz will collaborate with Guillermo del Toro on his adaptation of the legendary story of Frankenstein.

After Pinocchio, which was based on a children's book, this duo will now start working on a film based on the horror story Frankenstein. Del Toro had previously announced that he would make a movie about the Frankenstein monster and said that he had wanted to make that movie for a long time.

Del Toro confirmed during an interview with Collider that he has hired Waltz for the upcoming adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic monster story. A very well-known story all over the world, the film will probably be very popular just because of its name, but of course also because of the cast that works on the film, which is truly magnificent and guarantees a good film.

"I'm doing Frankenstein. We're working on it. We start shooting in February, and it's a movie I've wanted to make for 50 years, ever since I first saw Frankenstein."

A great cast promises good acting and certainly a successful and good film

In the movie Frankenstein, the main role will be played by Andrew Garfield, alongside Mia Gott and Oscar Isaac.

A strong cast and well-known faces in the films of this film expert. This film is of course based on the original horror novel from the 19th century, del Toro's adaptation of Frankenstein has been in the works for some time, and the famous director started planning his version of this story back in 2010.

Del Toro is known to work long hours on films because he is always a perfectionist who wants everything to be in the best order. This is one of the reasons for his great success during all these years, The movie is finally taking shape, and with Waltz in the lineup, it looks like it's going to happen this time.

Horror fans are sure to be happy because the movie Frankenstein is finally coming out and it's in high production. "I had an epiphany, and it's actually a movie that requires a lot of growth and a lot of tools that I didn't have 10 years ago," he explained of his long-planned adaptation. "Now I'm brave enough or crazy or something, and we'll tackle it."