The WGA approved today a new three-year deal with major studios, the strike is over

The Hollywood strike is over, new movies coming soon

by Sededin Dedovic
The WGA approved today a new three-year deal with major studios, the strike is over
© Mario Tama / Getty Images

It seems that the strike of Hollywood actors and writers, which has lasted for a long time, is finally coming to an end. The Hollywood industry was hit by a major strike of writers and actors in the previous months, and now the contract has been signed.

Actors and writers wanted higher salaries and fees as well as, of course, the protection of their private things and data when it comes to artificial intelligence. But it seems that it will be to the joy of all film lovers, as well as cinema owners this strike should end because a deal has been made.

Members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) approved a new three-year contract with the major studios today, five months after the union called a strike that caused turmoil in Hollywood film and television production. When the strike first started, there was a lot of noise on social networks and all kinds of media.

Most of the cinematographers supported the WGA, but of course there were those who were against it, albeit in smaller numbers.

Much better conditions for writers and actors are foreseen in this contract

The conclusion of this agreement will mean that work will soon begin on a large number of films whose shooting was stopped due to the strike.

This means that in the near future we are expecting a handful of films, and some of the titles will be very interesting to the audience. Of course, before signing the contract, there was a vote of all WGA members, and the WGA announced that 99 percent of the members who voted supported the contract.

We are glad that everything ended as it should, because the strike had very important grounds and reasons. The fact that almost the entire association voted for the contract also contributes to the fact that it brings additional certainty that there will be no changes in this matter.

This agreement provides, among other things, an increase in wages and certain protection in connection with the use of artificial intelligence. After they got what they wanted, we hope that they will immediately start working on new films to satisfy the audience's appetite.