Playboy fired Mia Khalifa over a statement about the terrorist group Hamas

The reckless statement of former actress Mia Khalifa

by Sededin Dedovic
Playboy fired Mia Khalifa over a statement about the terrorist group Hamas
© Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Former adult movie star Mia Khalifa has been fired yet again for her views on the war raging in Israel. She made a couple of statements supporting Hamas in attacks on Israel, which her American employers did not like. Mia Khalifa shocked the world public when she supported the conflict in Israel on social networks during which hundreds of Israelis were killed.

It was expected that he would change his opinion and statements after strong reactions from the public. On that occasion, Mia Khalifa called on Hamas terrorists to "film horizontally" so that she could observe the horror they leave behind.

It really seems incredible that someone makes such statements, especially a person from public life. Whether Mia Khalifa just did this to draw attention to herself or maybe it was because of her Arab origin, we did not find out.

A storm arose on social networks, one of the companies with which she cooperates immediately fired her, also via social networks, and called her to "smarten up", and now the Playboy company has followed suit, announcing that it is ending all cooperation with Mia Khalifa after "disgusting comments celebrating Hamas attacks in Israel and the killing of innocent men, women and children".

The company's statement also states that all of her videos have been removed from their website. There were many sarcastic comments on such a serious topic. It remains unclear why she publicly expressed her views, which she knew would result in heavy condemnation and even consequences such as dismissal.

Many comments appeared on the post demanding that the actress be immediately deported from the country

She received a lot of ugly comments on social networks, among others, there are many comments everywhere demanding that this actress be immediately deported from the country, which of course is unlikely.

This former actress of adult films found herself in a big problem because her biggest contracts fell through. We will see in the following period how the situation will develop, and it is likely that Mia Khalifa will give her opinion on this topic. The question remains whether he will confirm his views or apologize for not thinking through his statement.