Johnny Depp's ex-wife accuses Jason Momoa of seting up her dismissal from "Aquaman 2"

Jason Momoa was not disturbed much by the accusations of his colleague

by Sededin Dedovic
Johnny Depp's ex-wife accuses Jason Momoa of seting up her dismissal from "Aquaman 2"
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After the big scandal that rocked the USA between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, she found herself at the center of the scandal again. Actress Amber Heard revealed that Jason Momoa came drunk to the filming and deliberately disturbed her concentration.

This information appeared after "Variety" published the notes of the therapist Dawn Haughes, whom the actress Amber Heard visited, and which were used in the trial with Depp, new information surfaced in the public. The situation surrounding the trial with Depp has not calmed down, and the actress once again found herself in a scandal.

These notes contain details from the set of the movie "Aquaman 2", where Amber stated that the actor Jason Momoa tried to get her fired, as well as that he came drunk to the filming. Really, this story seems incredible considering the behavior of this popular actor and his private life.

In a conversation with her therapist, she also claimed that Jason often dressed like Johnny Depp, in order to disturb her concentration. We were waiting for the answer of the actor, who did not announce himself on this issue.

Elon Musk saved Amber from getting fired on the set of Aquaman

However, Jason's media representative spoke out, and pointed out that none of the above is true, and that the actor knows how to drink a glass of beer, but certainly not when he comes to the set.

He conveyed the message of his client that all this was made up and that the person in question probably has some kind of disorder. He further stated that Amber almost got fired because she didn't have the chemistry with Jason, which is needed to further flesh out the film, but Elon Mask saved her, reports Variety.

A very strange situation because at the filming and premiere of the film, the two actors seemed to have a great relationship. Maybe some things were hidden behind the curtain. This did not disturb Jason Momoa much, who is already preparing for the main role in the announced big hit "Minecraft".

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