It has been revealed who stole Dorothy's famous slippers from The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy's slippers are a historical legacy of cinematography

by Sededin Dedovic
It has been revealed who stole Dorothy's famous slippers from The Wizard of Oz
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The purloined pair of slippers was just one of the many iconic footwear pieces worn by the beloved actress Judy Garland during the filming of the timeless musical masterpiece, "The Wizard of Oz." Terry John Martin, an American, admitted his guilt in connection to the audacious theft of a pair of ruby-red slippers that Judy Garland wore as she portrayed the endearing character of Dorothy in this cinematic classic.

The audacity of the theft captured the imagination of the world. Mr. Martin, during his trial, recounted how he had initially believed the ruby adornments on the slippers to be genuine precious stones. However, it was only later, while conversing within the covert circles of the underworld, where stolen treasures often change hands, that he learned the bitter truth – the slippers were embellished with glass rather than the sought-after rubies, according to a report by the BBC.

In a poignant twist to the story, Martin's attorney, speaking to a journalist from the Associated Press, disclosed that his client, now aged 76, finds himself in a state of failing health and grappling with the stark realization of his own mortality.

It's a reminder that life's journeys can take unexpected turns, sometimes leading individuals down perilous paths.

In 2005, Michael Shaw lent the slippers to the Judy Garland Museum in the late actress' hometown of Grand Rapids.

Adorned with their striking ruby-colored glass ornaments and dainty glass bead bows, this stolen pair of slippers was just one of several that Garland wore during the enchanting production of "The Wizard of Oz." Their cultural significance and the timeless magic of the film only added to their allure.

The Judy Garland Museum, located in the actress's hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, played host to these irreplaceable slippers, thanks to the generosity of Hollywood memorabilia collector Michael Shaw. The momentous theft took place in 2005 when Martin, a resident of nearby Duluth, brazenly shattered the million-dollar display case that housed the coveted exhibit.

Convinced that the slippers were adorned with authentic rubies, he spirited them away, setting in motion a chain of events that would captivate the world's attention.