Johnny Depp revealed which is the funniest movie he has seen

Johnny Depp revealed that he is a big fan of British black comedy

by Sededin Dedovic
Johnny Depp revealed which is the funniest movie he has seen
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Before Johnny Depp became embroiled in a contentious legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, he was celebrated for his iconic portrayal of the charismatic pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. However, it might come as a surprise to many that the inspiration for Depp's swashbuckling character can be traced back to a little-known British black comedy, "Withnail and I," directed by the talented Bruce Robinson.

In a revealing interview with Shortlist, the enigmatic American actor disclosed that he is an avid admirer of this British cult classic. "Withnail and I" follows the misadventures of two struggling actors, Withnail and Marwood, who decide to escape the grind of their lives by embarking on an ill-fated vacation.

Their journey is marked by a series of hilarious misadventures that only seem to compound their problems.

The characters from the movie were the inspiration for Jack Sparrow.

The character of Withnail is brought to life by the incomparable Richard E.

Grant, whose memorable performance adds a unique and darkly comic dimension to the film. Opposite him, Paul McGann portrays Marwood, the more sensible and less eccentric of the two, who inadvertently gets dragged into the chaos of their escapades.

Johnny Depp's choice of inspiration from "Withnail and I" reveals his penchant for quirky, offbeat characters and his ability to draw from a wide range of influences to create memorable roles. It's a testament to Depp's talent that he could transform the essence of Withnail and Marwood into the beloved and eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow, captivating audiences worldwide with his swaying gait, flamboyant attire, and distinctive charm.

"For me, Withnail is the best thing that film art has to offer. It has everything you could want. It's hysterically funny, full of amazing quotes, and it's also a very serious movie. It is poetic. I consider it one of the three best movies of all time," said Depp.

"No movie has managed to make me laugh so much, fill me with such joy and horror as Withnail and I! For me, this is the pinnacle of film art. Genius," he said.

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