Guilermo del Toro claims that this is the best directorial debut in the last 20 years

Considering the praises of the famous director, this film is certainly of high quality

by Sededin Dedovic
Guilermo del Toro claims that this is the best directorial debut in the last 20 years
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Directorial debuts often tread a precarious path, with many slipping under the radar despite their potential quality. However, when such a debut garners acclaim from a luminary of the film industry like Guillermo del Toro, it is indeed an extraordinary accomplishment.

Dan Marku, an American screenwriter and director, recently sent shockwaves through the cinematic world with a Twitter revelation. He disclosed that Guillermo del Toro, the acclaimed Mexican filmmaker, had described "Past Lives" as the finest directorial debut witnessed in the past two decades.

“I watched Past Lives for the second time last night. This confirms that it is one of my favorites this year. Guillermo del Toro held an introduction for the film and called it the best directorial debut in the last twenty years.

I agree with him," Markus wrote. "Past Lives" is an enchanting romantic drama helmed by Canadian director Celine Song, making its grand premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January of this year. Song's creative prowess extends beyond directing; she also penned the screenplay, drawing inspiration from events in her own life.

The film was a collaborative effort involving production companies 2AM and Killer Films from the USA, along with CJ ENM from South Korea.

Metacritic critics recommending it as essential viewing for everyone

The narrative of "Past Lives" weaves a poignant tale of love and time, following Na Jang and Hae Sung, who kindled an affectionate bond at the tender age of twelve.

However, their budding relationship was abruptly severed when Jang relocated from South Korea to the United States, adopting the name Nora Moon. Over the years, the two childhood sweethearts lost all contact, their love story left incomplete.

The film's narrative rekindles twelve years later when Moon stumbles upon the information that Hae Sung is fervently searching for her through social media. Their reconnection holds the promise of rekindling the spark, but life, with its capricious turns, has other plans in store for them.

"Past Lives" captivated audiences and critics alike, leaving a profound impact. Rotten Tomatoes critics lauded the drama with a staggering 98% rating, while viewers bestowed it with a remarkable 92%. Metacritic critics went a step further, recommending it as essential viewing for everyone.

Celine Song's "Past Lives" has etched itself as a remarkable directorial debut, capturing hearts and minds with its timeless love story, offering a testament to the enduring power of cinema to touch the soul. Guillermo del Toro's praise adds an illustrious seal of approval to an already celebrated work of art.