'The Crown' Final Season Won't Show Explicit "Main Event"

Although the series will talk about the tragic accident of the never regretted princess in Paris, the car accident itself will not be shown

by Sededin Dedovic
'The Crown' Final Season Won't Show Explicit "Main Event"
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"The Crown" will debut its concluding season this November and December, with Netflix rolling out the episodes in two parts. On November 16, viewers can immerse themselves in the first part of the sixth season, followed by the release of the remaining episodes on December 14.

As autumn sweeps in with its characteristic charm, streaming platforms are gearing up with fresh series and the return of beloved classics. Among these eagerly anticipated returns is Netflix's "The Crown," culminating in its final season.

Netflix has officially confirmed the readiness of the sixth and last season, along with release details. This swansong season of "The Crown" is scheduled for a November-December premiere, where Netflix will distribute the episodes in two installments.

The inaugural portion is set to grace screens on November 16, while the subsequent episodes will make their debut on December 14. Comprising ten new episodes, the season delves into the era following the late '90s. This epoch was notably marked by the tragic demise of Princess Diana, picking up from where the fifth season concluded in the summer of 1997.

Viewers will witness the moments leading up to the incident

The initial quartet of episodes encapsulates Princess Diana's final summer and explores all facets connected to her untimely passing on August 31 that year. The subsequent installments pivot towards the reflections of the late Queen Elizabeth II concerning her reign and the future of the royal family.

Furthermore, the series delves into pivotal events, such as Prince Charles's remarriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, serving as the grand finale. The narrative also shines a spotlight on Prince William's collegiate romance with Kate Middleton, Tony Blair's tenure as Prime Minister, and the poignant passings of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

It's important to note that while the series addresses the tragic accident involving the beloved princess in Paris, the car crash itself won't be depicted. Instead, viewers will witness the moments leading up to the incident when the princess entered the car and the ensuing paparazzi pursuit, culminating in the British ambassador in France's reaction upon learning of the tragedy.