Netflix's Upcoming Blockbuster: The Ex-President's Pen in a Hit Series

Obama sent script notes to writer-director Sam Esmail

by Sededin Dedovic
Netflix's Upcoming Blockbuster: The Ex-President's Pen in a Hit Series
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"Leave The World Behind" is an eagerly anticipated psychological thriller, an adaptation of Rumaan Alam's 2020 novel of the same name. With a star-studded cast including Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hulk, Miha'la, and Kevin Bacon, the film is set to premiere on Netflix on December 8.

Recently, the first official trailer was unveiled, amassing over three million views within just two days. In this gripping apocalyptic thriller, masterfully crafted by the award-winning writer-director Sam Esmail, we are introduced to Amanda, portrayed by Julia Roberts, and her husband Clay, played by Ethan Hulk.

The couple decides to rent a luxurious house on Long Island for a weekend getaway, bringing along their children, Archie, portrayed by Charlie Evans, and Rose, played by Farrah McKenzie. Their idyllic vacation takes a nightmarish turn when two enigmatic strangers, portrayed by Mahershala Ali and Miha'la, show up on their doorstep, claiming that New York has been plunged into darkness due to a citywide power outage.

These newcomers seek refuge in the house, insisting it belongs to them. As news of a mysterious cyberattack looms, two families are thrust into a relentless disaster that escalates by the minute. There is no hope for a return to normalcy, and they must confront an uncertain and chaotic world.

Barack Obama helped with the script

Notably, the former American president and co-owner of Higher End Productions, Barack Obama, played a pivotal role in bringing this film to life. Obama provided valuable script notes to writer-director Sam Esmail, drawing from his extensive experience and insight into real-world crises.

Esmail revealed, "In the initial script draft, I may have ventured beyond the boundaries of realism, prompting President Obama, with his profound understanding of such situations, to ground me and elucidate how events would realistically unfold.

His input encompassed character development and the empathy viewers would feel for the characters." Esmail also shared, "President Obama's involvement extended beyond his professional expertise; he approached the project as a genuine fan of the novel, seeking to ensure it translated into a truly exceptional cinematic experience.

His guidance was invaluable in creating a film that would not only captivate audiences but also honor the essence of the original novel." "Leave The World Behind" promises to be a gripping and thought-provoking thriller that explores the depths of human nature when confronted with an uncertain and ever-changing world, amplified by an exceptional cast and the guidance of Barack Obama. The film's release on Netflix is eagerly awaited by fans and movie enthusiasts alike.