The Legend Returns: Chuck Norris in Sci-Fi Action Thriller "Agent Recon"

Post-production for the film has wrapped, and it is slated for a theatrical release next year

by Sededin Dedovic
The Legend Returns: Chuck Norris in Sci-Fi Action Thriller "Agent Recon"
© Jerry Markland / Getty Images

Chuck Norris is making his triumphant return to the silver screen after a decade-long hiatus, set to star in the upcoming sci-fi action thriller titled "Agent Recon," as reported by Deadline. At the age of 83, Norris will step into the shoes of Alistair, the formidable leader of a top-secret security service.

In this gripping tale, he dispatches an undercover operative on a perilous mission to an enigmatic and concealed research facility, where rumors suggest that audacious experiments involving extraterrestrial technologies are in progress.

Within those hidden walls lies an unimaginable source of power that threatens the very balance of the world. The creative mastermind behind both the screenplay and direction of "Agent Recon" is none other than Derek Ting, who also plays a significant role in the movie.

In a nod to the '80s nostalgia, he enlisted the talents of another iconic figure from that era, Mark Singer, celebrated for his roles in "The Beastmaster" and "V." Ting expressed his excitement about the project, stating, "My stunt team truly exceeded my expectations in bringing action sequences to life, skillfully intertwined with a captivating narrative.

Additionally, every one of Chuck's fight scenes was meticulously choreographed by his son, Dakota."

Production for the film has successfully wrapped up, and eager fans can anticipate its release

Chuck Norris carved his name into cinematic history as one of the foremost action movie stars of the '70s and '80s.

His memorable collaboration with Bruce Lee in "Way of the Dragon" is etched in the annals of film lore. The "Missing in Action" and "The Delta Force" franchises solidified his status as an action icon. Transitioning to television in the '90s, he graced screens with his indomitable presence in acclaimed series like "Walker, Texas Ranger." Chuck Norris's indelible impact on the entertainment world remains unparalleled, and his return to the big screen in "Agent Recon" is a highly anticipated event for fans worldwide.