Fans Outraged at Eva Longoria and Her Behavior Four Days After the Death of ExHusband

"And what about Tyler? She didn't comment on anything, and he was such a wonderful man" said one of the fans

by Sededin Dedovic
Fans Outraged at Eva Longoria and Her Behavior Four Days After the Death of ExHusband
© Kevin Winter / Getty Images

After the unfortunate passing of actor Tyler Christopher, the former spouse of television sensation Eva Longoria, anticipation surged among her Instagram followers, awaiting her response. Eva Longoria chose not to commemorate Tyler Christopher's untimely death at the age of 50 due to a heart attack with a tribute post.
In a contrasting move, the actress took to her Instagram to share an exhilarating personal milestone.

She proudly disclosed her inclusion in "Time" magazine, which had recognized her as "one of the Latino leaders who are changing the showbiz industry and the country." In her heartfelt caption, she expressed her gratitude, saying: "Thank you to the magazine 'Time' for including me among other Latino leaders and visionaries.

I am constantly inspired and motivated to continue my work." While many celebrated her recent achievement, a different sentiment emerged among some followers who voiced their discontent over her silence regarding her late ex-husband, Tyler Christopher.

Comments like, "And what about Tyler?", "She didn't comment on anything, but he was such a wonderful man," "You should at least write something about your ex," and "He hasn't even cooled down and you're bragging" began to populate the comments section.

The absence of any public acknowledgment from Eva Longoria raised questions, with some speculating about the nature of her relationship with Tyler, as one comment suggested, "I think Eva and Tyler weren't on the best of terms, so maybe she wants to keep her feelings to herself." To provide some context, it's worth noting that Kirstofer and Eva were wed from 2002 to 2004, and their marriage faced challenges, as Eva Longoria once candidly admitted: "Being married is harder than we thought.

We both have our habits that we didn't want to give up." In this situation, Eva Longoria's choice to focus on her professional recognition, rather than her personal loss, sparked a conversation among her followers, leaving the online community divided over her handling of Tyler Christopher's passing.