Christina Hendricks Takes the Spotlight in the New Series 'The Buccaneers'

Exploring Female Bonds, Society's Pressures, and Unconventional Romances

by Sededin Dedovic
Christina Hendricks Takes the Spotlight in the New Series 'The Buccaneers'
© Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

"The Buccaneers," a period drama laden with unexpected twists, doesn't simply revolve around orchestrating matches between lovely young women and titled gentlemen. It delves deeper into the intricacies of female camaraderie and the ideals of feminism.

At its core lies a profound clash of cultures: the burgeoning affluence of America colliding with the reserved decorum of Victorian England. Both sides harbor a certain level of disdain – the American debutantes crave titles, while the dwindling English aristocracy yearns for financial salvation.

What could possibly go amiss? The new series centers on five vivacious, fearless, independently-minded American young women as they step into the elite society of 1870s London. Their arrival disrupts the norm and leaves their prospective in-laws trembling while captivating the hearts of dukes.

Meet Nan St. George, portrayed by Kristine Froseth from "The Assistant"; her sister, Jinny, brought to life by Imogen Waterhouse from "The Outpost"; Conchita Closson, played by Alisha Boe from "13 Reasons Why"; Lizzy Elmsworth, portrayed by Aubri Ibrag from "Dive Club"; and Mabel Elmsworth, embodied by Josie Totah from "Saved by the Bell." The careful selection of young actresses with an impeccable blend of charisma and chemistry was pivotal, further enriched by the fact that the cast lived and worked together during the filming.

"Especially with such a large ensemble, having this intrinsic support system and friends to lean on was truly invaluable," shares 26-year-old Boe. "Building these bonds beyond the confines of the set was a vital aspect of our experience." "It's fundamentally about friendship, support, and the concept of family," explains 48-year-old Christina Hendricks, renowned for her role in "Mad Men," who portrays Mrs.

St. George, the mother of Nan and Jinny. "What would you do for your sisters, or in my case, your daughters? I stand by my daughters, and they stand by me. We all grapple with societal pressures surrounding marriage and unions, but at what personal cost?" The ensemble also features Mia Threapleton from "I Am Ruth," Amelia Bullmore from "Scott & Bailey," and Josh Dylan from "Mamma Mia." Inspired by the unfinished final novel of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edith Wharton, "The Buccaneers," executive producer Beth Willis had carried a copy of the book with her for a decade.

A serendipitous meeting with screenwriter Katherine Jakeways ignited the transformation of the story into a riveting series.