Jack Nicholson, 13 Years Declining Roles: I'm Sitting Under a Tree and Reading a Book

Jack Nicholson will most likely not make any more movies

by Sededin Dedovic
Jack Nicholson, 13 Years Declining Roles: I'm Sitting Under a Tree and Reading a Book
© Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Jack Nicholson's cinematic absence since the romantic comedy "How Do You Know" has left a void for fans who miss his charismatic presence on screen. Despite the film not being a standout in his extensive repertoire, Nicholson's impact on Hollywood is undeniable, with over 80 film roles to his credit.

The enduring legacy of this legendary actor is marked by unforgettable performances in timeless classics like "The Departed" (2006), "The Shining" (1980), "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975), and "Chinatown" (1974). Nicholson's indomitable influence spans generations, solidifying his place in the annals of cinema and ensuring that his contributions continue to resonate in the hearts of movie enthusiasts worldwide.

At 86 years old, Nicholson, despite never officially declaring retirement, has seemingly withdrawn from the cinematic stage, making "How Do You Know" a potential swan song. This revelation surfaced on the "WTF With Marc Maron" podcast during a comprehensive interview with the venerable producer, Sunset comics impresario, and longtime friend of Nicholson, Lou Adler.

In the waning moments of the hour-long conversation, Maron delved into Nicholson's plans, prompting a candid response from Adler. Maron shared that a friend had approached Nicholson for a movie role, only to be met with the actor's nonchalant refusal.

"I don't want to do that. You know what I did today? I was sitting under a tree and reading a book," recounted Maron, portraying Nicholson's laid-back attitude. Adler, in agreement, acknowledged that Nicholson steadfastly pursues what he truly desires.

"He wants to be quiet. He wants to eat what he wants. He wants to live the life he wants," Adler chuckled, underscoring Nicholson's unwavering commitment to a lifestyle of his choosing. Nicholson's potential exit from acting resonates deeply with fans and industry insiders alike, underscoring the enduring legacy of his remarkable cinematic journey.

His indelible mark on the hearts of global moviegoers serves as a testament to the unparalleled impact of his prolific and iconic career.