Stallone: When You Put Things Before Family, The Consequences Are Devastating

The famous actor opened up about his son's death in a new Netflix documentary

by Sededin Dedovic
Stallone: When You Put Things Before Family, The Consequences Are Devastating
© Mark Davis / Getty Images

The compelling documentary "Sly," which delves into the life of iconic actor Sylvester Stallone, recently made its debut on the streaming giant Netflix. Within the film, Stallone candidly opens up about the myriad challenges life has thrown his way.

He speaks poignantly about the strained relationship he endured with his father and the heartbreaking loss of his son. Tragically, Sage, at the tender age of 36, succumbed to atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, resulting in a fatal heart attack.

Despite rumors linking his passing to substance abuse, Stallone has maintained a stoic silence on the matter. The documentary provides a poignant glimpse into Sage's earlier years, featuring footage from when he portrayed Rocky Balboa's son in "Rocky V" at just 14.

The film's narrative mirrors Stallone's real-life struggle as a father, mirroring the rocky relationship depicted between Rocky and his on-screen son. Stallone reflects, acknowledging the painful parallels, stating: "Unfortunately, yes.

I'm trying to take something that I actually wish I'd done in real life, but I couldn't." He acknowledges the toll of prioritizing career over family, acknowledging the severe consequences that can be both radical and devastating.

A poignant moment in the documentary captures Stallone at the premiere of "Rocky V," articulating his thoughts on fatherhood while standing side by side with his son. The actor shares a profound sentiment from the film, expressing: "'I'm so glad he was born because now I can live through your eyes.'

I think that's what fathers want from their children. It's an extension, a piece of immortality. As long as he's alive, your memory will always be alive, that you did something good. I mean, you hope for that." The documentary "Sly" masterfully intertwines personal narratives and cinematic reflections, delivering a profound exploration into Sylvester Stallone's tumultuous life.

It unveils the intricate tapestry of complexities involving family, fame, and the actor's relentless pursuit of immortality. Through a renowned lens, the film invites viewers on a captivating journey that transcends the silver screen, offering a nuanced understanding of Stallone's multifaceted existence.