The Actor Overdid It In Order To Gain Weight: "I Ate Half A Kilo Of Bacon A Day"

Jacob Elordi revealed that he ate a pound of bacon a day to prepare for the role of Elvis Presley

by Sededin Dedovic
The Actor Overdid It In Order To Gain Weight: "I Ate Half A Kilo Of Bacon A Day"
© Kate Green / Getty Images

At a recent Entertainment Weekly roundtable, actor Jake Elordi offered a glimpse into the extreme lengths he went to prepare for his role as Elvis Presley. Joining co-star and director Sofia Coppola, Elordi confessed to a rather unconventional diet strategy – consuming a staggering pound of bacon daily.

Coppola, intrigued by this revelation, referenced Priscilla Presley's anecdote about Elvis's penchant for burnt bacon. "You ate a lot of bacon. Priscilla Presley told us that Elvis was very fond of burnt bacon," Coppola remarked, prompting Elordi to delve into the details of his immersive dietary regimen.

"I was eating a pound of bacon a day on average. It's not that noticeable because I'm pretty tall, but I've never been bigger," Elordi shared. The conversation took a delightful turn as co-star Spaeni recounted a famous tale about Elvis's culinary indulgence – the creation of an 8,000-calorie sandwich.

This colossal delicacy comprised a pound of bacon, a slice of sourdough bread, peanut butter, and jelly. According to Spaeni, Presley stumbled upon this extravagant sandwich at the Colorado Mine Company restaurant in Denver.

The narrative continued with the revelation that Elvis adored this sandwich so much that, on one occasion, he chartered a private jet to satisfy his craving. Upon landing in Denver, the restaurant owners welcomed Presley and his friends with a stack of these legendary sandwiches, allowing the King of Rock and Roll to relish them right inside the airplane hangar.

Reflecting on Presley's extravagant taste, Spaeni expressed disbelief, stating, "I thought he took, like, a flight to pick them up." Coppola responded with insights from Priscilla Presley, indicating that Elvis, in his more prosperous days, found comfort in such indulgences, reminiscent of a time when he and Priscilla lived modestly on peanut butter and banana sandwiches due to financial constraints.

Elordi's dedication to embodying Elvis's character extended beyond the dietary realm. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Elordi confessed that, prior to undertaking the role, his knowledge of the King of Rock and Roll was limited to Disney's Lilo & Stitch animated film.

The actor's commitment to his craft and the intriguing anecdotes surrounding Elvis's culinary eccentricities add a fascinating layer to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming portrayal of the iconic musician.