Netflix is canceling several series

Fans asked Netflix to extend the series Shadow and Bone

by Sededin Dedovic
Netflix is canceling several series
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With the Hollywood strikes behind, streaming platforms are facing tough decisions about their content portfolios. Rising production costs and lingering delays from the strikes are expected to lead to the cancellation of several movies and series.

Netflix, a major player in the streaming landscape, has already axed five series, including the fan-favorite "Shadow and Bone." The show, based on Leigh Bardugo's "Grishaverse" novels, initially garnered significant viewership on Netflix, even spawning a spin-off video game.

However, the second season's performance fell short, ultimately leading to its cancellation due to budgetary concerns. Other casualties include the animated series "Agent Elvis" and "Captain Fall," as well as the live-action shows "Glamorous" with Kim Kathryn and the sci-fi comedy "Farzar." Reacting to the cancellation of "Shadow and Bone" on Instagram, author Leigh Bardugo expressed her heartbreak and disappointment but also acknowledged her gratitude for the opportunity to see her work adapted.

Fans are very angry about this move by Netflix

Fans, however, remain vocal in their disapproval of these decisions, questioning Netflix's motives. Writer Hector Navarro aptly summarized the sentiment: "Never, for any reason, fall in love with a Netflix series.

They are canceled at the first opportunity." "Why make series if you're not going to finish them?", "This was the best series on the platform," and "How can I finish the series without finishing the plot?" are just a few of the frustrated comments from viewers.

The fate of "Shadow and Bone" mirrors that of several other popular Netflix series that were canceled after two seasons, including "Sense8" and "Altered Carbon." Earlier this year, Netflix surprised many by refusing to renew the German-language thriller "1899" for a second season, despite its top 10 ranking.

These cancellations underscore the growing trend of streaming platforms prioritizing short-term viewership over long-term storytelling, leaving fans feeling disappointed and disconnected from the narratives they invested in.