Fierce criticism from France on Ridley Scott's Napoleon: It is an anti-French film

It seems that French critics cannot come to terms with the fact that an Englishman is making a film about the greatest French military leader

by Sededin Dedovic
Fierce criticism from France on Ridley Scott's Napoleon: It is an anti-French film
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Ridley Scott, the acclaimed director behind cinematic masterpieces like "Gladiator" and "Alien," has recently faced critical backlash for his latest historical epic, "Napoleon." While the film has garnered mixed reviews in some parts of the world, it has been met with particularly harsh criticism in France, the very country whose history it attempts to portray.

French historians and critics have taken issue with the film's historical inaccuracies, insensitive portrayal of Napoleon, and overall poor execution. Among the most glaring inaccuracies is the depiction of Napoleon bombing the pyramids in Egypt, an event that never occurred in reality.

Additionally, the film's portrayal of Napoleon's death is widely considered to be inaccurate and misleading. Beyond its historical inaccuracies, critics have also criticized the film's characterization of Napoleon. They argue that the film presents Napoleon as a caricature, portraying him as impulsive, angry, and even stupid.

This portrayal has been met with particular disdain in France, where Napoleon is revered as a national hero. Some critics have also suggested that the film is inherently anti-French, pointing to the fact that it was directed by a British filmmaker.

They argue that the timing of the film's release, coinciding with the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a British victory over France, further reinforces this anti-French sentiment.

Ridley Scott rejects accusations that it is an anti-French film

Despite these criticisms, director Ridley Scott has defended his film, claiming that it is based on extensive research and that he had no intention of making an anti-French film.

He has maintained that his goal was simply to create a compelling cinematic experience based on the life of a fascinating historical figure. However, Scott's defense has not been enough to sway critics, and the film has received a predominantly negative reception in France.

It has been described as a "pathetic," "melancholic," and "incoherent" mess, failing to capture the essence of Napoleon or the grandeur of his historical legacy. In conclusion, Ridley Scott's "Napoleon" has fallen short of expectations, failing to deliver on its promise as a historical epic.

Its inaccuracies, insensitive portrayal of Napoleon, and overall poor execution have earned it a scathing reception in France, the very country it sought to represent.