Victoria's Secret's New Film Aims to Reshape the Brand's Image


Victoria's Secret's New Film Aims to Reshape the Brand's Image
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Victoria's Secret, the renowned lingerie brand, has embarked on a journey to reshape its image and embrace the diversity and inclusiveness that reflects today's society. Their new film, Victoria's Secret: Tour '23, premiering on Amazon Prime, marks a significant step in this transformation.

The film, a stunning mix of documentary, music video and fashion show, features top models like Gigi Hadid, Adut Akech and Winnie Harlow, along with "VS 20", a collective of inspiring female artists. It taps into the brand's heritage while embracing a modern perspective, capturing the essence of femininity and empowerment.

"We still have wings, but we asked ourselves how do we fit them into a modern environment?" Raul Martinez, executive vice president and creative director of Victoria's Secret, explains to the BBC. "This is what Victoria's Secret: Tour '23 is all about." The film's opening scene sets the tone, with supermodel Zizi Hadid breaking the fourth wall and uttering a curse word.

This unexpected move signals a departure from Victoria's Secret's conventional image, embracing authenticity and relatability.

The brand has become synonymous with underwear

Victoria's Secret has long been a cultural phenomenon that shapes the perception of beauty and femininity.

Their pink shopping bags and velvet-lined cubicles became synonymous with lingerie, attracting millions of women by making atractive underwear accessible. The brand's iconic fashion show, a televised catwalk spectacle with models decked out in push-up bras, heels and feather wings, further cemented their status.

At its peak, the show earned its stamp on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, in recent years Victoria's Secret has faced criticism for its narrow definition of beauty and lack of diversity. The brand's focus on an unattainable ideal of perfection alienated many women, leading to calls for change.

Victoria's Secret: Tour '23 represents a positive step in the evolution of the brand. The film celebrates women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, showcasing their strength, beauty and individuality. It's a refreshing departure from the brand's past, which embraces inclusiveness and diversity.

Their commitment to authenticity and empowerment will be critical to maintaining their relevance and connecting with today's women.