Get Ready to Laugh: Ted Prequel Series Coming Soon to SkyShowtime

Seven episodes will be available to stream exclusively on the SkyShowtime platform from February 22

by Sededin Dedovic
Get Ready to Laugh: Ted Prequel Series Coming Soon to SkyShowtime
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Mark your calendars, Ted fans! The beloved foul-mouthed teddy bear makes a triumphant return to the SkyShowtime platform starting February 22. This seven-episode comedy sequel to the hit movie franchise promises a hilarious and heartwarming 90s adventure.

In this prequel series, we go back in time to 1993. Ted's moment of fame has faded, but his friendship with his best friend, sixteen-year-old John Bennett, remains strong. Living together in Framingham, Massachusetts, they navigate the complexities of teenage life alongside John's parents and cousin Blair.

Although Ted can be a bit of a "bad influence", his loyalty and unwavering friendship shine through. Executive producers Seth MacFarlane, Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh offer a pithy look at the show's origins: "Each generation has its own artistic touchstone, its own unique lens through which it views the world.

In the '20s, it was the rebellious spirit of jazz music. In the '50s years, these were vibrant canvases of abstract expressionism. The artistic contribution of our generation? Streaming content based on established intellectual property.

In keeping with this illustrious tradition, we present the Ted series."

This TV series is not just a nostalgic trip to the past

But the series offers more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. "Our show is a prequel to the Ted movies," they explain, "but it's rooted in the timeless truth that being sixteen is hard.

What makes it easier? A real friend, even if that friend is a talking teddy bear with a penchant for profanity and recreational drug use ." Drawing on their own experience growing up in Boston in the 90s, the creators infused the series with personal stories and humor.

"We put the characters through the same humiliating yet defining situations we ourselves went through as teenagers," they share, "although admittedly some of it is pure fiction (writers have a lot of pages to fill, and real life is often pretty boring) ." With its witty humor, relatable characters and nostalgic setting, Ted is poised to win the hearts of longtime fans and newcomers alike.

So get ready for laughs, heartwarming moments and a dose of 90s nostalgia when the series premieres on SkyShowtime on February 22.