James Cameron's Epic Reveal: Parts of 'Avatar 4' Already Filmed!


James Cameron's Epic Reveal: Parts of 'Avatar 4' Already Filmed!
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James Cameron, the visionary director behind the 'Avatar' franchise, has made a significant revelation about the upcoming sequels in the series. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Cameron disclosed that he has already filmed "several chunks" of 'Avatar 4,' along with the entirety of 'Avatar 3' and parts of 'Avatar: The Way of Water.'

This strategic approach was taken to maintain consistency in the characters' ages throughout the series. Explaining the rationale behind this unique filming schedule, Cameron said,

“We did the [motion capture] capture on three and the live-action photography on three as an intermingled production with [Avatar: The Way of Water], and we even did part of movie four”.

This method not only ensures continuity in the portrayal of characters but also reflects Cameron's forward-thinking approach to filmmaking.

The Challenge of Time Jumps and Character Aging

'Avatar 4' is set to feature a significant time jump, which Cameron briefly touched upon.

“We see them and then we go away for six years and we come back,” he noted. The part of the story following this interval is yet to be filmed, with plans to start production after the release of 'Avatar 3.' This time jump presents a unique challenge, particularly for the human characters, as it requires them to age realistically between the movies.

The CGI Na’vi characters, on the other hand, don't face such constraints.

Despite having already shot key scenes, the remainder of 'Avatar 4' still awaits Cameron's directorial touch. The movie is scheduled for a December 21, 2029 release.

Producer Jon Landau confirmed that the initial act of 'Avatar 4' is complete, citing "logistical reasons" for this early completion. These reasons are linked to the film's timeline, with most of the movie’s design already in place, though not fully filmed.

IGN’s review of 'Avatar: The Way of Water' rated it 8/10, praising it as a sumptuous return to Pandora that enhances the mythology established in the first film. While it may not surpass Cameron’s previous sequels, it's lauded as a clear improvement over its predecessor.