The Wedding that Never Happened: A Sequel to 'My Best Friend's Wedding'

Actor Dermot Mulroney is set to reshoot the romantic comedy "My Best Friend's Wedding"

by Sededin Dedovic
The Wedding that Never Happened: A Sequel to 'My Best Friend's Wedding'
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Dermot Mulroney has just stoked the flames of '90s rom-com nostalgia, hinting at a possible sequel to the beloved My Best Friend's Wedding. The 60-year-old actor, while promoting his new film "Anyone But You," confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he is "excited" about the prospect of reuniting with his co-star Julia Roberts.

The news comes after Roberts, 56, expressed her own interest in revisiting the film during a recent interview. On "Watch What Happens Live," she listed "My Best Friend's Wedding" as the movie she'd most like to make a sequel to, and even speculated about the characters' futures on "CBS Mornings." Mulroney, clearly delighted by Roberts' enthusiasm, shared his desire to work together again.

"You know I'd love to work with her any day of the week, month or year," he declared.

Julia Roberts as journalist Jules

For those who haven't had the pleasure of watching this classic rom-com, here's a quick refresher: Roberts plays Jules, a journalist who comes to the shocking realization that she's in love with her best friend Michael (Mulroney) after he announces his engagement to Kim (Cameron Diaz).

. Desperate to win him over, Jules embarks on a series of hilarious and sometimes questionable schemes, even resorting to a fake engagement with her gay best friend (Rupert Everett). Although Jules ultimately fails in his attempt to sabotage the wedding and Michael marries Kim, the film leaves viewers wondering what the future holds for these characters.

Could there be a chance for love between Jules and Michael years later? So grab your tissues, dust off your VHS player (or fire up your streaming service), and get ready to fall in love with "My Best Friend's Wedding" all over again.

And who knows, maybe we'll be adding "My Best Friend's Second Chance" to our rom-com watch list soon. Julia Roberts released the Netflix thriller Leave the World Behind a few days ago, which is currently the most popular movie on the platform