Warner Bros. and Samsung: Witness Aquaman's Might in Stunning 8K

This holiday season, get ready to experience the power of Atlantis and unlock your inner hero with Warner Bros. and Samsung

by Sededin Dedovic
Warner Bros. and Samsung: Witness Aquaman's Might in Stunning 8K
© Warner Bros. India / Youtube channel

Get ready to plunge into the depths of Aquaman's kingdom this holiday season with Samsung's exclusive collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures! In celebration of the highly anticipated release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which hits theaters on December 20th worldwide and December 22nd in North America, Samsung is offering fans a unique opportunity to experience the magic of the film in stunning 8K and explore the wonders of Aquaman's SmartThings kingdom.

Exclusive 8K Trailer in Stores

Step into your local Samsung store and watch the official trailer for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom in breathtaking 8K resolution. This exclusive preview, available only on Samsung TVs, will take you to the vibrant underwater world of Atlantis and give you a glimpse of the epic adventures that await.

This exciting retail activation is part of a wider 8K content partnership between Samsung and Warner Bros. Pictures, which showcases the power of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs to deliver cinematic experiences before movies even hit the big screen.

Become the hero of your own home with Aquaman's SmartThings Kingdom

Dive deeper into the world of Aquaman with Aquaman's SmartThings Kingdom, a dedicated online experience launching on Samsung.com on December 11 in Europe.

This interactive platform lets you explore the many ways SmartThings can turn your home into a haven of efficiency and convenience. Discover how SmartThings Find can help you locate your lost Galaxy Z Flip5 smartphone or track down valuable treasure, just like Aquaman using his trident.

Learn how to control your energy consumption with SmartThings Energy, saving up to 70% on your bills without the need for superpowers. And experience the cleaning power of the Jet Live Jet Bot™ AI+ Robotic Vacuum, keeping your home clean while you're away.

Join the social media adventure

Stay tuned for further announcements on social media ahead of the film's premiere. Read on to discover more about Aquaman's SmartThings Kingdom and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, both in theaters and on your Samsung devices.

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