Beyond the Screen: Verstappen Not Impressed in Brad Pitt's Formula 1 Movie

Three-time Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen does not hide that he is not particularly interested in the film about Formula 1, which is shot by the famous actor Brad Pitt

by Sededin Dedovic
Beyond the Screen: Verstappen Not Impressed in Brad Pitt's Formula 1 Movie
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Three-time world champion in Formula 1 Max Verstappen openly admitted that he is not particularly excited about the upcoming film about Formula 1, which will be filmed by the famous actor Brad Pitt. The movie, which is currently untitled, is being produced with the participation of Verstappen's main rival, Lewis Hamilton, whose dominant reign ends in 2021.

Despite facing production delays due to the recent Hollywood writers' strike, plans for Pitt's Formula 1 film remain in full swing, with it set to hit theaters in 2025. Verstappen, who had several encounters with Pete Toke during the year, expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the project.

Toke, working closely on the film, shoots scenes at various race locations, showing behind-the-scenes aspects of Formula 1. While the racing world eagerly awaits the release of the upcoming film, Verstappen is surprisingly completely cool with the film.

"Sure it's nice to see, but I'm not that interested. I don't need to watch a movie about my sport. It's a fictional story and it's always too dramatic. You have to love it though and I don't mind much when it comes to movies. I like movies, and Brad Pitt is a great actor.

Before the Austin race, I saw a few clips of the film when they showed them during the drivers' meeting explaining how they shot them," Verstappen said.

Verstappen and Formula 1 marketing

However, he and his colleagues appear in the dramatic F1 documentary series "Drive To Survive".

"I don't think it's actually acting, it's the world we live in, which works like that. There's a bit of 'game' sometimes. Of course, I'd prefer not to do that, but that's part of the political game in Formula 1 and many other sports.

During over the years I've gotten better at what I say and what I don't say, but in general, I'm mostly myself and I'm definitely not an actor," the Dutchman finished. Verstappen is generally not a fan of the marketing side of Formula 1, which we could see during the premier race in Las Vegas in mid-November when he stunned both journalists and colleagues with his criticism of the event.

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