New Year, New Series: 6 Most Anticipated Series Coming Out in January

In addition to the fact that the holiday atmosphere is still felt, January is also the beginning of the season for certain series

by Sededin Dedovic
New Year, New Series: 6 Most Anticipated Series Coming Out in January
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As the calendar turns to January, the air is still tinged with holiday cheer, and for TV enthusiasts, it marks the beginning of a new season for some highly anticipated series. Streaming services, having delighted audiences with compelling content in 2023, are all set to keep the momentum going in the upcoming year.

The Brothers Sun (January 4 – Netflix)

Kicking off the year is "The Brothers Sun," an eight-episode crime drama on Netflix. The series unfolds when the leader of a Taiwanese criminal group is assassinated, prompting his notorious son to embark on a journey to Los Angeles to protect his unsuspecting family.

As the three-member family grapples with their criminal past, they strive to heal old wounds before enemies close in.

Ted (January 11 – Peacock)

Contrasting the crime drama is "Ted," a prequel to Seth MacFarlane's popular films about the talking teddy bear.

Set to premiere on Peacock, the series explores the adventures of Ted, John Bennett, and their families. Described as a bright and humorous take, the show leverages the success of its cinematic predecessors.

Criminal Record (January 12 – Apple TV+)

Renowned actor Peter Capaldi takes center stage in "Criminal Record" on Apple TV+.

Playing a seasoned detective, Capaldi teams up with a younger colleague to solve a complex murder case. Drawing on Capaldi's acclaimed performances in series like "Doctor Who" and "The Devil's Hour," this promises to be another captivating role for the talented actor.

True Detective: Night Country (January 14 – HBO Max)

The fourth season of the acclaimed anthology series, "True Detective: Night Country," arrives on HBO Max. Starring Jodie Foster and Callie Rice as detectives in Alaska, the season explores the disappearance of eight individuals from a research station.

The detectives must navigate the chilling mysteries hidden beneath the polar ice.

Griselda (January 25 – Netflix)

From the creators of "Narcos" comes a fresh perspective with "Griselda" on Netflix. Sofia Vergara portrays Griselda Blanco, tracing her journey from obscurity to becoming the real cocaine queen of Colombia.

Unrelated to the "Narcos" series, this promises a gripping narrative about one of the world's most notorious cartels.

Masters of the Air (January 26 – Apple TV+)

Closing out the month is "Masters of the Air" on Apple TV+, a sequel to the acclaimed HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific." Based on Donald L.

Miller's book, the series delves into the untold stories of the bomb squad that played a crucial role in dismantling the Third Reich during World War II. As we step into the new year, these series offer a diverse range of genres, ensuring there's something for every viewer to look forward to in January 2023.