America Ferrera on Her Viral Barbie Monologue and Why It Matters

America Ferrera, who is rumored to be most likely to be nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actress thanks to her role in the film Barbie, which is marked by a nearly three-minute monologue

by Sededin Dedovic
America Ferrera on Her Viral Barbie Monologue and Why It Matters
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With the Oscars swirling around her performance in "Barbie," America Ferrera is facing both praise and criticism for her powerful monologue as Gloria. The nearly three-minute speech addresses the double standards that women face every day, sparking conversation and debate.

While some have labeled the monologue and the film itself an "oversimplification of feminism," Ferrera refutes these claims with characteristic passion. In a recent interview with The New York Times, she argues that even basic truths can have cathartic weight: “We can know things and yet I need to hear them out loud.

It can still be cathartic. There are a lot of people who need Feminism 101, whole generations of girls just coming up who don't have words for the culture they grew up in. Also, young men and men who may never have thought about feminist theory," said Ferrera.

For those well-versed in feminism, the simplicity might be obvious, but Ferrera counters by pointing to the film's international bans: "If you're well-versed in feminism, it might seem like an oversimplification, but there are entire countries that have banned this film for a reason.

It is an oversimplification to say that something that may be fundamental, or in some people's opinion fundamental feminism, is not necessary. The assumption that everyone is at the same level of knowledge and understanding of women's experience is an oversimplification," she added.

Recording of the monologue for 2 days

The emotional ramifications of delivering this powerful message should not be overlooked. As revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair, Ferrera filmed the monologue for two days. "It's part of a much bigger scene with a lot of characters in it.

I had to do it many times to get through the whole scene over two days," she said. Regardless of one's stance on the film's complexities, it's undeniable that Ferrera's impassioned performance raises awareness and empowers voices that are often silenced in a world that still struggles with double standard