Actor Christian Oliver and Daughters Lost in Caribbean Plane Crash

The actor who starred in Speed Racer and Indiana Jones died with his two minor daughters in a horrific accident, and he himself was only 51 years old

by Sededin Dedovic
Actor Christian Oliver and Daughters Lost in Caribbean Plane Crash
© Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

In a devastating incident that shocked the entertainment industry, Christian Oliver, a 51-year-old German-American actor, met a tragic end along with his two daughters, Madita and Anik, aged 10 and 12, in a plane crash in the Caribbean.

The unfortunate event happened around noon on Thursday near the coast of Bequia, a small island part of St. Vincent. Christian Oliver, known for his roles in notable films such as "Speed Racer" and part of the 2023 Indiana Jones series, piloted the plane with his family on board.

The pilot, identified as Robert Sachs, was also killed in the crash. The group, who arrived in the Caribbean on December 26 after filming, were reportedly on their way to St. Lucia when the tragedy occurred shortly after taking off from Bequia Airport.

The actor, who recently filed for divorce from his ex-wife, Los Angeles journalist Jessica Muroz, was set to appear in the film "Keep Peace Forever. " Filming on the Nick Lyon-directed film recently wrapped at the end of December.

Lyon expressed his grief online, paying tribute to Oliver as a "great colleague, actor and friend".

Problems with the plane

Local reports revealed the plane was experiencing problems, prompting the pilot to contact the tower shortly after takeoff, indicating problems and a rollover.

Unfortunately, this was the last communication from the plane before it crashed into Caribbean waters. The water around the crash site is reportedly only about 70 feet , and residents helped emergency services search the water.

A video posted by Oliver just two days before the accident shows him enjoying himself on a tropical beach with the caption: "Let love rule. Wishing you all the best in 2024." The video captured the serene beauty of the surroundings, in stark contrast to the tragic fate that awaited the actor and his daughter.

While the entertainment community mourns the loss of a talented actor, investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing, more information about this unfortunate incident will be known in the coming days next week.