Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained At Munich Airport For Expensive Watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained and held for three hours at the airport in Munich, Germany

by Sededin Dedovic
Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained At Munich Airport For Expensive Watch
© Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his roles in action movies and his term as governor of California, recently found himself in an unexpected and amusing situation at the Munich airport in Germany. The Hollywood star was detained for three hours due to a malfunction in the customs declaration process of a luxury watch that he intended to auction for charity.

Schwarzenegger, originally from Austria, set off on a trip to Europe to auction off a prestigious watch. However, he encountered complications at the airport, caused by the strict regulations of the European Union (EU). According to EU guidelines, any money or items worth more than €10,000 must be declared to customs officials.

Unfortunately for Schwarzenegger, it appears he did not receive the necessary application form. The actor, former politician and climate change activist faced tax challenges. The card machine malfunctioned, the nearest bank was closed, and the cash withdrawal limits were too low.

The 76-year-old icon, famous for his iconic role in "Terminator", had to wait patiently while customs officers brought in a new card machine to complete the tax payment process. Despite the bureaucratic hurdles, Schwarzenegger maintained his composure throughout the ordeal.

His spokesman described the incident as "a comedy of errors that could make a very funny police movie". A photo published by German newspaper Bild shows a smiling Schwarzenegger holding a watch case with the inscription "For Austria".

Reports suggest that the luxury watch, which was made by renowned watchmaker Audemars Piguet to fit Schwarzenegger's hand, could fetch several hundred thousand dollars at an upcoming charity auction in the Austrian city of Kitzbühel.

The watch, one of only 20 in existence, is to be auctioned at a benefit dinner organized by Schwarzenegger's Climate Change Initiative. The auction, which is scheduled for Thursday, will not only feature an exclusive watch, but also a variety of items, from works of art to signed sports and movie memorabilia.

The starting price for the watch is 50,000 euros, adding an element of excitement to the humanitarian event.

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