Beyond the Red Carpet: How Jodie Foster Shielded Her Sons from Fame


Beyond the Red Carpet: How Jodie Foster Shielded Her Sons from Fame
© Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Oscar winner Jodie Foster surprised viewers of The View by revealing that she kept her acting career a secret from her sons when they were young. In a refreshing departure from the usual celebrity parenting, Foster has prioritized creating a normal childhood for her children, without the glare of the spotlight.

"I guess I just didn't want to be known that way," the 61-year-old actress explained candidly. "I wanted them to know me as their mom and the person who went to work and stuff. " The anecdote about her son trading her film sets for construction sites can now be a cute story about a boy and a mother who behaved protectively.

Keeping her professional life separate, Foster cultivated a stronger bond with her children, built on shared experiences and daily routines, rather than red carpets and paparazzi. Although her sons are not eager to peruse her cinematic catalog, as she herself admits, they are enthusiastic about her latest project, the HBO series "True Detective." She always tried to find new ways for family bonding, and watching this series together will strengthen the family spirit.

"There are a few movies that I would never show them because I would worry that they would tease me, like Nell for example, they have never seen it because they often tease me about it, even though they have never seen the movie," she added.

Foster's approach to parenting offers a stark contrast to the ubiquitous "mom blogger" culture, where every aspect of raising children is documented and shared online. Instead, she always wanted to protect her children's privacy and allow them to develop their own identity, unencumbered by the expectations of a famous parent.

This can put children under pressure to succeed no matter what, which often results in a counterproductive outcome. Jodie had her two sons with ex-partner Sidney Bernard. Foster is their biological mother, and the identity of the biological father has never been released. After their divorce in 2008, the actress married Alexandra Hedison in 2014.