One Piece 1110 spoilers: the Gorosei arrive at Egghead!

Zoro defeated Rob Lucci, the Giants save Luffy from the Gorosei

by Lorenzo Ciotti
One Piece 1110 spoilers: the Gorosei arrive at Egghead!
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The first short spoilers for One Piece chapter 1110 have officially been released and, yes, the Gorosei have arrived at Egghead!ù

The cover shows us Yamato traveling through Wano.

The Gorosei arrive on Egghead. We see their transformations and everyone is awakened as Saturn.

Ethanbaron V.Nusjuro is a wild horse.
Shepherd Ju Peter is a gigantic and monstrous worm.
Topman Warcury is a huge boar.
Marcus Mars is a giant bird.

The Gorosei try to attack Luffy, but the Giants arrive to stop them.

Zoro defeats Lucci.

No break next week!

What happened in the previous chapter

The chapter begins where the last one left off. The message we saw in 1108 was recorded in the past. We can see Shaka and the other satellites.

Vegapunk made sure that his message is broadcast by the Navy's Den Den Mushi and that no one can turn them off.

Shaka suggests giving time to the people of the world to turn on their screens and see the message. For this reason, Vegapunk says it will wait 10 minutes for everyone to prepare.

Usopp, Nami and the others observe Vegapunk's message. They wonder what is happening and what the scientist is about to do.

The scene shifts to Luffy who is still grabbing Saturn's head.

The Gorosei speak to Saturn by Mary Geoise. They seem to be able to use telepathy.

“Is Vegapunk Really Dead?”

Saturn: "So it seems... I saw Kizaru kill him"

Gorosei: "Then he must have used his death to start the transmission... the source of the signal is probably in Egghead's Labophase."

We see people from all over the world reacting and receiving the Vegapunk signal.

In Dressrosa, there are Rebecca, Leo and Kyros preparing the screens.

In Foosha, Woopslap says they don't have any projectors, so they'll only hear Vegapunk's voice.

The scene shifts to Morgans, Vivi and Wapol. Vivi gets worried because she doesn't see Luffy in the message and Morgans replies that it's probably pre-recorded.

At Water Seven it is night. Iceburg wakes up and tells his secretary Alice to set up some screens to broadcast the message.

At Kamabakka, Ivankov is surprised to see Vegapunk's new head. Dragon, however, thinks back to Shaka's words about his death.

The scene returns to Egghead. Luffy wonders why Saturn doesn't take damage and decides to use another strategy.

Kizaru shoots lasers from his eyes, but Luffy avoids them.

Afterwards, Luffy slaps both Saturn and Kizaru using a technique called Gomu Gomo no Dawn Cymbal and flattens them.

Luffy grabs the two and throws them both towards the sea.

Kizaru crashes into a navy ship and falls onto it.

Saturn, however, flies back like a Boomerang and attacks Luffy with his legs.

Luffy avoids the attack and is angry because he sees that Saturn took no damage.

The Gorosei contact Saturn again: "There's no time!! We can't allow Vegapunk to talk!!"

Saturn: "I know. Then I'll have to summon you all!"

Huge black lightning appears on Egghead. The Marines watching what is happening are in shock.

Saturn touches the ground and 4 huge magic circles appear around him. Black flames come out of each of the circles.

Luffy is surprised and his eyes pop out of their sockets:

Sanji carrying Vegapunk's body is in shock.