Stone Reteams with Lanthimos for "Kinds of Kindness": Are we expecting a new Oscar?

Poor Things, a film by the same director from the previous year, was an incredible success, and Emma won the Oscar for the best leading actress for the interpretation of Bela Baxter. Already this year, a new film follows, and the anticipation is high

by Sededin Dedovic
Stone Reteams with Lanthimos for "Kinds of Kindness": Are we expecting a new Oscar?
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Get ready for a new dose of Yorgos Lanthimos' signature brand of unusual brilliance! The trailer for his latest film Kinds of Kindness has dropped, promising a darkly comedic exploration of human nature that is set to hit theaters in late June.

The film boasts an all-star cast led by Academy Award winner Emma Stone, along with Willem Dafoe, Joe Alwyn and Hunter Schafer. Described as a "triptych of fairy tales," Kinds of Kindness delves into three distinct narratives, each promising a unique blend of humor and absurdity.

The first story follows a man trapped in a life deprived of personal freedom, desperate to regain control over his destiny. We then switch gears to a confused policeman whose wife, presumed lost at sea, returns seemingly transformed into a completely different person.

Finally, the film presents a determined woman in search of a prophesied spiritual leader who is believed to possess extraordinary abilities. This is Stone's third collaboration with the visionary director. Their first foray, "The Favorite" (2018), took audiences to the 18th-century court of Queen Anne, where Stone and Rachel Weisz portrayed secretive relatives vying for the monarch's favor.

The film garnered a whopping ten Academy Award nominations, cementing Lanthimos' reputation as a master of the unexpected. Stone's performance in Lanthimos's 'Poor Things' (2023) further cemented her status as a powerhouse actress.

Her portrayal of Bella Baxter, a woman on a bizarre journey of self-discovery, won her a well-deserved Oscar for Best Actress. The critically acclaimed film garnered a total of eleven nominations, eventually winning awards for Best Production Design, Costume Design, Hair and Make-up, along with the prestigious award for Best Actress.

'Poor Things' was also a major contender for the prestigious Best Picture award. The duo's creative partnership continued with the silent film "Bleat" in 2022. Interestingly, "Kind of Kindness" is rumored to have been shot in the same year, indicating a fruitful period for both Stone and Lanthimos.

With its A-list cast, intriguing premise and Lanthimos' penchant for the absurd, Kinds of Kindness is sure to become a must-see for those true fans of unconventional cinema.