"Talk to Me": An Outstanding Horror Gem Amidst a Heap of Rubbish

Talk to Me is an Australian horror film signed by the Filipu brothers in their debut film, and the two are behind the popular YouTube channel RackaRack

by Sededin Dedovic
 "Talk to Me": An Outstanding Horror Gem Amidst a Heap of Rubbish
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At the base of human nature lie desires, longings and greed for the unattainable, and the movie "Talk to Me" bravely explores the limits of that greed through the lens of the supernatural. Through the story of a group of teenagers who engage in a dangerous game with death, the film introduces us to the dark world of a mummified hand that serves as a portal to communicate with spirits.

The narrative of "Talk to Me" deviates from the typical tropes of the horror genre, opting for a deeper analysis of human nature and psychology. Well-crafted characters provide space to explore different motives and internal conflicts, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the story.

Each character carries the burden of their own personal demons, and as the plot unfolds, viewers face their own moral and emotional dilemmas. The film excels in creating an atmosphere of tension and discomfort that gradually develops.

Through the subtle use of lighting, sound and visual effects, the director manages to create an atmosphere that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, and each scene unfolds with unpredictable tension. Furthermore, the plot cleverly avoids the pitfalls of predictability, keeping viewers engaged and in suspense until the very end.

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Talk to Me is a horror film in which a group of teenagers come into possession of an embalmed hand. Allegedly, it is the hand of a person who could communicate with spirits, so it is still possible to get in touch with the afterlife by using the hand.

All you have to do is take the hand as if you were shaking hands. Then you need to say "talk to me" and a ghost will appear in front of you. After that you say "I let you in" and the spirit finds itself inside you. It controls your body and can communicate with everyone around you.

But you have to watch out for one thing. If it stays in your body for more than 90 seconds, problems can arise. Therefore, teenagers who get their hands on them, use them in society. The person whose turn it is to "join" is tied to a chair.

The rest of the group is timing and ready to break contact before the 90 seconds are up. It is interrupted so that the person stops touching the embalmed hand and the candle that is lit at the very beginning of this process is extinguished.

Talk to Me© A24 / YOutube channel

The idea is simple - ghosts exist, you can talk to them and call them to take control of someone's body. Why anyone would do that would seem like a question that requires some rational explanation or deeper study of psychology, but the script sidesteps all that with a fundamental and precise simplicity that renders any question of logic or reason meaningless.

The technical performance of the film is exceptional, especially in the scenes depicting contact with the spiritual realm. The visual effects are impressive and convincing, creating striking images that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

In addition, the film score contributes to creating an atmosphere of tension and fear, evoking emotional responses and further immersing the audience in the story. The cast also deserves praise, and Miranda Otto stands out for her portrayal of a mother facing the dark forces that threaten her children.

Her performance adds emotional weight to the film and helps build believable characters that viewers can empathize with.

Talk to Me© A24 / YOutube channel

Despite offering an exceptional viewing experience, "Talk to Me" is not without its flaws.

Some parts of the story could have been better developed, and the characterization of some secondary characters could have been deeper. In addition, certain elements of the plot could have been further explained to avoid potential confusion among viewers.

Talk to Me has an interesting concept with great acting and a creepy atmosphere that keeps the tension going during key moments. It begins with precise clarity and purpose about its variation on obsession, the mechanics of how it works, and some basic ideas about our desire to fear and share those experiences.

However, later playing with reality and the film's half-hearted interpersonal drama related to themes such as loss, loneliness and adolescent vulnerability leave the viewer wanting more. "Talk to Me" is an outstanding horror film that stands out for its intelligent storytelling, well-developed characters and impressive technical performance.

Through the exploration of human greed and the consequences of communication with the supernatural, the film leaves a deep impression on the audience and provides an unforgettable viewing experience. Undoubtedly, this is a film that will be remembered by viewers as a masterpiece of the horror genre.