George Lucas Responds to Accusations of Lack of Diversity in 'Star Wars'

George Lucas recently addressed criticisms that the majority of actors cast in his "Star Wars" films are white

by Sededin Dedovic
George Lucas Responds to Accusations of Lack of Diversity in 'Star Wars'
© Cindy Ord / Getty Images

George Lucas responded to criticisms that most of the actors in his "Star Wars" franchise films are of lighter complexion and that he did not consider diversity when casting roles. Diversity in casting has become extremely important in the last decade, and directors strive to include actors and actresses of different skin colors, cultural backgrounds, as well as LGBT+ characters in their casts.

There is often discussion about which directors have considered various minority groups in the past and debate about those who have made mistakes in casting. Lucas has certainly been a topic of such discussions.

"All of them are white, but..."

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival after receiving an honorary Palme d'Or, he directly addressed the accusation.

- They would say, "All of them are white," but most of the characters are aliens. The idea is that you should accept people as they are, whether they are big and furry or green or anything else. The idea is that all people are equal, he said.

He further claimed that if discrimination exists in the universe of the films, it is designed to be against robots. - It was a way to say, you know, people always discriminate against something and sooner or later, it will happen.

I mean, we're already starting with AI, saying: "Well, we can't trust those robots," added the legendary director. Lucas continued by saying that the films do indeed include actors from different cultures and parts of the world.

- There were several Tunisians in the first one, and in the second, I had Billy Dee Williams, and in the prequels which were also criticized, I had Samuel L. Jackson. He wasn’t a rogue like Lando. He was one of the best Jedi, he explained.

The Richest Celebrity in the World

In April, it was revealed that Lucas is the richest celebrity in the world, topping the annual Forbes list of celebrity billionaires. The director (79) has reportedly amassed a fortune of $5.5 billion.

His production company, Lucasfilm, was sold to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion, and he continued to produce later "Star Wars" films along with other projects. Disney has earned approximately $12 billion from the "Star Wars" franchise, tripling their profit from the purchase.

In his early career, Lucas also wrote and directed the 1973 hit "American Graffiti," for which he received Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Picture.