Elle Fanning Set to Star in 'Badlands': Dan Trachtenberg's Latest Predator Film

Elle Fanning, renowned for her Emmy-nominated role in The Great, is in negotiations to star in Badlands, a new film in the Predator universe directed by Dan Trachtenberg

by Sededin Dedovic
Elle Fanning Set to Star in 'Badlands': Dan Trachtenberg's Latest Predator Film
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Elle Fanning transitions from Great to Bad. The actress known for the series The Great is in negotiations for the lead role in Badlands, a new film in the Predator universe, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Badlands is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the director who revitalized the franchise with the film Prey from 20th Century and Hulu productions, which was set in 1719 and starred Amber Midthunder as a young Comanche woman facing an alien hunter.

The film was critically successful and broke viewership records on Hulu. Trachtenberg has reunited with Prey screenwriter Patrick Aison for the story of Badlands, with Aison writing the script. Elle Fanning has not yet confirmed her role, but THR reported in February that, besides Badlands, 20th Century has several Predator-related projects in development, with Trachtenberg at the center of this growing universe.

The Predator franchise began with the 1987 film starring Schwarzenegger. This was followed by Predator 2 with Danny Glover, The Predator from 2010, and Predators from 2018. There have also been several crossover films where Predator faces antagonists from the Alien franchise.

The film is one of the most popular franchises of its genre, and hardly anyone has not seen at least one part.

Plot details for the film featuring Elle Fanning

The premise of Badlands is unknown, but sources indicate that it will not be set in the past like Prey, but rather in the future.

It is also unclear if it will go directly to a streaming platform like Prey. Although Predator hasn't sparked much public interest in recent years, the announcement of a new film with a talented actress promises to make it one of the more popular releases.

Elle Fanning has been nominated for an Emmy and three Golden Globe awards for her work in the series The Great, which concluded last year after three seasons. She is also known for her roles in Disney's two Maleficent films and J.J. Abrams' Super 8 from 2011. She is currently one of the most popular young actresses.