Erik Jones on expectations in Las Vegas and Next-Gen cars

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Erik Jones on expectations in Las Vegas and Next-Gen cars
Erik Jones on expectations in Las Vegas and Next-Gen cars

Erik Jones has entered the new season phenomenally and is in a great line for now. Jones is just emphasizing how important it is to catch a good rhythm “Obviously, your confidence goes up week-to-week. I think in racing, it’s a bigger thing than people realize,” Jones said, as quoted my motorsport “It’s easy to look at a sport like golf and see when somebody gets on a good streak it’s easy to keep it going.

“Honestly, racing is very similar. When you got things rolling, it’s not just me, it’s the team, it’s Dave (Elenz, crew chief), it’s everybody. When you’re rolling on a confident streak, it’s easier to keep that momentum going”.

Las Vegas expectations

Erik Jones also revealed what his expectations are in Las Vegas. He is aware that it will be much different than it was at Daytona and Fontana, but he can be happy that he is in good shape. "The Next Gen car, I think, has been great for us so far, just two races in.

Hopefully, we can continue it this weekend at Las Vegas,” he said. “This is a lot different track than Fontana." "It’s going to be a totally different challenge for the race car than what we saw last week.

“It’ll be a learning process, for sure, but the speed has been there at both Daytona and Fontana. We’re in a good spot in points right now and we’d like to keep that going." "Being in contention to win last week, puts our mindset toward a win at this point.

Hopefully, we can continue to chase that. “With the Next Gen car, I think it’s opened so many doors for us. Having the same parts and pieces – we just have to take that wheel they’ve given us and make it a little bit rounder. Dave’s done a real good job at that”.

Erik Jones Las Vegas

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