Kyle Larson reveals Elliott's reaction during talks on the Fontana incident

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Kyle Larson reveals Elliott's reaction during talks on the Fontana incident

Kyle Larson achieved a great victory in Fontana last weekend and showed that he is a very good driver. However, during the race, there was one incident that marked that day. Kyle Larson blocked Elliott in one part of the race, after which his teammate ended up in the wall.

Kyle Larson decided to explain what had happened and reveal parts of the conversation with Elliott, to whom he apologized for it. They seem to have had a rather pleasant conversation and to have resolved their doubts after all.

"I got to talk to him and we got to go over what happened from each of our vantage points,." said Larson, as quoted by motorsport "It was good to have a conversation and good to hopefully move along from it."

Kyle Larson on his teammate

Of course, Kyle Larson, just like everyone else, hopes that such incidents will not happen again, and that we will not watch such scenes on NASCAR tracks.

However, in the end, everything went well "It went well; honestly better than I anticipated. He’s a great teammate and I’m going to do my part to be a great teammate each and every week. Hopefully we never have any incidents happen again like what happened last week”.

As Kyle Larson says, he got understanding from his teammate and that’s why he’s glad. They both have a great career ahead of them and have a huge potential to become one of the greatest in this sport "I felt like he was (understanding).

I was encouraged by that. Like I said, he’s always been a great teammate. We’re both young and we’re both going to be fighting for wins together. So, hopefully nothing like that happens again”. A very interesting seasons awaits us, and for now we can say that we enjoyed the races, and we hope that NASCAR drivers will continue like this

Kyle Larson