Ukrainian NASCAR driver praises America's help

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Ukrainian NASCAR driver praises America's help

Igor Romanov has always wanted to become a NASCAR driver, and he succeeded, but not in any other way. The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series was the competition he was in, however it was sanctioned by NASCAR. In addition, he is a TV commentator in Ukraine for the NASCAR Cup Series races "I’m working really hard to promote my favorite sport here in Ukraine, and I’m proud that we have a lot of new fans here," Romanov told Fox News Autos.

"The situation at some places near Kyiv is really bad. People are sitting underground without food, water and electricity." Richard Childress, Hendrick Motorsports and many others from NASCAR have decided to help Ukraine "I’m really grateful to the legendary Richard Childress for his help.

Also for Hendrick Motorsports, for Ryan Blaney displaying the Ukrainian flag on his bumper, and for Stefan Parsons and the BJ McLeod Motorsports team for the Ukraine Strong livery," Romanov said. "All these things are extremely important for all of us."


His family is safe, but they are ready to fight if there is a war in their part "The people in Rivne are ready to fight with the aggressor.

It’s a period of a national unity. The same situation is also in other regions," he said. Although NASCAR is his greatest love, and as he says he would like to visit the NASCAR race, peace in Ukraine is his priority at the moment, just as it should be a priority for the world.

There are still no indications that the war will come to an end, but it is commendable that Europe and the world are reacting and trying to help Ukraine in some other way. "Hopefully one day I’ll visit the USA to see one of the NASCAR Cup Series races directly at one of the tracks. It would be nice, but first we need peace in Ukraine!!" "Now, it’s my biggest dream."

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