Jeff Gordon about the new season and drivers talent


Jeff Gordon about the new season and drivers talent
Jeff Gordon about the new season and drivers talent

Jeff Gordon, vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, is pleased with the season so far and the performances of his riders. And how could he not be "I think we’ve seen great racing. I think we’ve seen cars coming from the back to the front, front to the back,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “We’ve seen where they can race hard.

But the cars are on the edge. The drivers are definitely having to show their talent and ability. “I think that was the intent – to have a car that was on a more level playing field. I’m proud of NASCAR going with the lower downforce, higher horsepower for these types of tracks because it does put it more in the drivers’ hands.

“When you see guys spinning out by themselves, we haven’t seen that in years. You see guys catching it, but yet you can tell they’re still pushing and driving hard”.

Jeff Gordon on the season

He is satisfied with the car and the drivers, and it is certain that one of the most interesting seasons awaits us “I’m incredibly impressed and optimistic about what this car has to bring throughout the season as these guys continue to work on it,” Gordon said.

“It’s also great to see fresh faces and names up front. “We saw it with Tyler Reddick last week (and) Erik Jones. This week Ross Chastain was incredibly impressive. I hope we see more of that. “I think that’s what the sport needs to continue to grow”.

Greg Ives, Bowman’s crew chief on the No. 48 Chevrolet decided to praise the drivers “It’s not surprising that some of these drivers are up front because of the talent they have to make it to the Cup Series.

I think leveling the playing field, like Jeff said, with the car allows for those guys to maybe wheel it a little bit more,” Ives said. “Guys who like it on the edge, can balance that really well”.