Tyler Reddick surprised many; Leg numbness bothers me during the race

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Tyler Reddick surprised many; Leg numbness bothers me during the race

Tyler Reddick, a member of Richard Childress Racing, complained about a strange problem. Reddick felt his leg numb during the race, and a week later he felt his other leg numb. “I think more than anything it’s just having you know no matter where you put your seat, it’s kind of important to have your legs comfortable for you.

You know, not too high, not too low,” Reddick said as quoted by motorsport “You don’t want to cut the circulation off having the pedals too low, on the edge of your seat or having your legs really having a lot of weight or force on the bottom of your seat cutting your circulation off that way." Reddick also seems to have put in a lot of effort “Certainly, I think I have frustrated some things in my body by putting it through that the last two weeks in a row.

I normally don’t give myself a lot of rest time in between with exercising and everything, so I’ve been just coming up with the best approach to get my body some time to get out some of the stress I’ve been putting it though the last two weekends”.

Tyler Reddick on the season

He believes that all the problems he faced affected the fact that he could not give his maximum “It’s just hard to give it my best effort with everything going on, not really allowing you to be 100 percent.

To still get a top-10 was good, but certainly still I can’t let it keep taking away potential good runs for our team. I do think that it held me back in Vegas,” Reddick said. “It held us back in Fontana even though we were still really good, still able to execute fairly well on pit road and everything.

After going through what I did in Vegas and not always having the track position all day long, it tells me that I was leaving some on the table in Fontana, too”.