Phoenix Raceway: Expectations of NASCAR drivers


Phoenix Raceway: Expectations of NASCAR drivers
Phoenix Raceway: Expectations of NASCAR drivers

The race in Phoenix could be a turning point for many teams and an attempt to raise their form. There are a lot of quality teams, and drivers, and it seems that they all have a huge motive for a good result. One of those who will go for the biggest goals is Kevin Harvick “There’s just that championship race element that comes with Phoenix the first time we go here to understand the importance of everything that happens,” Kevin Harvick told the Arizona Republic.

“I think there will be some things that are relevant for Phoenix, but I believe that we will be so far advanced from where we are at this point by the end of the year that you’re going to have so many things that you’ve learned that won’t be relevant to the first race, because of how far we progressed." “There’s still that added importance, but it’s going to be a year of evolution like we haven’t seen ever”.

McDowell on the race

Glendale's Michael McDowell expects this race to be a good test, given all the novelties “I feel like this is kind of like easing into it,” McDowell said. “The brakes are much better on the Next Gen car — bigger, better cooling.

I think the wheels help that a lot too." "The tires in general and the wheels are running much cooler, but bigger brakes, more powerful brakes, so I think that this will be a good first test for it in a full race condition”.

Austin Cindric is someone who is expected a lot, especially after good results. What makes Phoenix specific is the dogleg turn where the cars fan-out 4-5 wide making passes. However, Austin denied that he would be the first to do so “I will certainly not be the first one to attempt that,” Daytona 500 champion Austin Cindric said.

“I would usually do it in practice with my Xfinity car just to see what I am going to bend up and sometimes that could be beneficial or negative but traditionally we have had the opportunity to go back and fix it." "Right now if I break something and we have to fix it we have to start in the back so I am going to try my best not to break something in practice”.