Chase Briscoe after the victory in Phoenix: I was crying the whole last lap

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Chase Briscoe after the victory in Phoenix: I was crying the whole last lap

Chase Briscoe can be happy after a phenomenal race in Phoenix, and his first career win. Although he was not at a satisfactory level in his previous (rookie) season, he seems to be showing more maturity now. Briscoe looked like the happiest man in the world after the race, and it seems that this is exactly the result he needed.

“That's unbelievable. I was crying the whole last lap,” Briscoe said, as quoted by motorsport “I mean, this is definitely a team win. I got to thank everyone that has gotten me to this point. Seven years ago, I was sleeping on a couch, ready to give up." "They gave me an opportunity and it’s led to this.

Briscoe on the race

It was clear that Briscoe had potential and could achieve a lot, and that is exactly what he has now proven. He is grateful to the entire team “So blessed to be driving at the organization, the team, the car that was my hero (Tony Stewart) growing up." "To get this No.

14 back in Victory Lane, to do it with Mahindra Tractors, their first year in the sport, everybody that’s believed in me – it’s unbelievable”. Motorsport reporters pointed out that he looked a lot like Stewart on the track Sunday “Yeah, those restarts, I mean, we were sliding, everything else.

I hope the race fans enjoyed the race. It was unbelievable from my point." The fans supported Briscoe throughout the race, who is very grateful to them. They were the additional motive for him to succeed, and he finally achieved his goal “So thankful to have (fans) back.

Without you guys, we don’t have a sport, don’t get to race, do what we do for a living. I wish my wife and baby was here. Definitely special and one that’s going to be remembered forever”.