Kurt Busch: A phenomenon that competes in the 22nd season of his career

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Kurt Busch: A phenomenon that competes in the 22nd season of his career

Kurt Busch is one of the most recognizable faces on the NASCAR scene, and someone who marked an era of this organization. He has had a lot of success in his career, but Busch still seems to be as motivated as he used to be, and he is still striving for the biggest goals.

This season in 23XI Racing has the same goals. “I’ve been with different teams, but I’ve also been blessed to be with quality teams, and this team is no different,” Busch sai, as quoted by racer. "We’re bringing the best quality we can to the track through the Next Gen’s development where parts are tougher to find, and repairs are a different strategy as far as what’s approved and what’s not.

But overall, the quality of cars, the teamwork, all of it is there. We’re a sister team to JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing), so I look at it as there are six Toyotas that go to the track to win. And that’s the feeling, that’s the setting, and that’s the tone we have with the 23 car and the 45 car right now”.

Kurt Busch on the next races

Kurt Busch is ready for new adventures and challenges, and many envy him for such readiness even at the age of 43. There are many more races ahead of him, and we will see how he manages “Here we are with Atlanta, as new as this track is with the pavement and the banking being reconfigured and the rules package, this is a mindset of a plate race,” Busch said.

“Then COTA next week, first time with the Next Gen on a rod course. We’re going to Richmond; that’s a true short track. There’s so much going on that there’s not really a definite reset, it just has to be a calculated effort each week”.